Finally…a new computer.

!!! So my new MacBook arrived yesterday!!! We’ve had a very busy weekend, so I haven’t had a lot of one-on-one with my new dream machine. I love love love it.

I plan on keeping this blog as a record of our updates and upgrades (maybe) to our 1913 bungalow in Des Moines, among other things. You might just get ramblings of my day-to-day life, too.

Stay tuned for a link to Flickr for photos!

I’ve been doing some serious thinking about all of the 5-7 layers of paint that are on our wood trim, doors, cabinets, etc. I decided to try to strip as much as I can while we’re here and refinish it. It’ll be slow-and-go, and I’ve never refinished wood before, so we’ll see!

I recently found this amazing environmentally-safe product called Citri-Strip. It’s available at Ace Hardware (and other places) in a spray can or a giant jug of the liquid. I can’t stress how amazing this is. It practically liquifies the paint back to its original state. It says to leave it on for 24 hours, but I tested it on our hallway built-in, and within just 2 hours it was ready to go. Super easy.

Because I decided to undertake this project, I was going to need a place to work. Our garage is out of the question because there is no longer electricity hooked up to it. Kind of dark in there! I am going to do most of the work in our basement. I went to Menards and got two sawhorses for $13 (buy one get one free!!!). Then, the night I planned on setting them up, our basement drain backed up into some murky black liquid. Nice surprise. Turns out it just needed to be snaked, and now we’re good to go. I will post pics soon!


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