The List for the Weekend

We’re coming up on a weekend where we have just about nothing planned. I almost can’t believe it. I don’t have to work, we don’t have to drive anywhere, no softball game in the middle of Sunday, no BBQ, nothing.

Which immediately prompted me to make a to-do list, of course.

When I make my to-do lists I like to really overshoot above and beyond what I know I will actually do. Maybe part of that is I like to include a lot of stuff because I have serious ADD when it comes to housework.

A typical hour on a free weekend goes like this for me:

  • Fill sink with sudsy water to wash dishes.
  • While dishes are soaking, run downstairs and put a load of laundry in the washer.
  • Crap, the dehumidifier is full again. Empty dehumidifier.
  • While I’m down here, I should bring up some more cans of tomatoes.
  • Back upstairs, I think the mail’s here.
  • No good mail – CRAP! The dishes!
  • Wash dishes. Now I’ll eat something to create more dishes. Colonel comes looking for crumbs.
  • Take Colonel outside to bark at things. See the laundry vent and remember I put laundry in the washer. Dang.

And it goes on and on…my mind is like a pinball machine on the weekend at times. *sigh*

To Do This Weekend

  1. Wash all dirty laundry (yeah right)
  2. Put clean laundry away (I’m notorius for not doing this)
  3. Strip all sides of the two large built-in cabinets for hallway
  4. Vacuum. Even under the bed, behind the couch, and on the stairs
  5. Buy new side table on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond with 20% coupon
  6. Purchase patio umbrella on clearance (will post patio furniture pics soon)
  7. Put away winter coats (cringe – I haven’t fully done this yet. Anyone need a scarf?)
  8. Pull weeds in yard
  9. Remove rest of rocks from dog run and plant grass seed (yeah right again)
  10. Take puppy to dog park

:o) At least I limited it to 10. We’ll see how I far after Saturday is over.

Stay tuned for an update on my obviously very exciting weekend ahead.


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