New Things.

I have received a slew of new things lately, and I must say it’s quite fun!

Fancy things from Etsy

These things are from johnwgolden on Etsy. Nice stuff! He was not happy with how my purchased print (Eat Your Vegetables) turned out, so he threw another one in for free, and also the teeny tiny print seen in the photo above. He’s currently having a Buy One Get One sale, so check it out.

Close Ups:

Eat Your Vegetables!


Also new: My first harvest! (I think) Peppers.

I also have two tomatoes who are very close to harvesting. That’s it, though…my two other pepper plants WANT to produce fruit, but something keeps stopping them.

In other nerdy design news: My CS3 arrived yesterday!!! Woot woot. Now I can take over the world, one design at a time.


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