Yes, come into my house.

I would like to take a minute to feature an amazing piece of advertising I received folded and stuffed into our porch door this week:


That’s right. Someone actually decided this was a brilliant idea. Now, maybe we come off a little white trash – our neighbors now have actual metal jungle gym equipment in their front yard, so I can see where there might be confusion. Our hedges ARE out of control, but really? I’m going to call “Steve” right up and have them come over and allow them in my house? Probably not.

I enjoy the repeated use of the word “professional.” Quite the oxymoron. Also “detail-oriented establishment.” Clearly. Wait, it actually says: “detailed orientated.” Even better.

I do have to give them an A for effort for the hand-drawn type, but that’s because I’m a font nerd. 


2 responses to “Yes, come into my house.

  1. Very cute house, but could we please see more of the dog? He seems to be getting short shrift so to speak.

  2. Sure thing! Look for a new post soon!

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