So Many Rocks, So Little Time

The previous owner decided to fence an area behind the garage for his two huge labs to run in. Great idea in theory, until he brought in a backhoe and filled the area with about 6 inches of river rock. The dogs didn’t like it (obviously), and it has been a useless space. Until now. Sort of.

The Colonel would really like this area to frolick around in as our yard is not fully fenced in. He enjoys terrorizing neighbor dogs and sniffing the weeds. Seen here:

Here is what the inside of the area looks like in progress:

As you can see the Walnut tree and I don’t get along. Those rocks multiply while we sleep. I swear. Sunday I hauled another strip of about 6 inches away. I think it was 8 wheelbarrow-fulls. The neighbor wants them, so I’ve been dumping them in her yard. We got rid of a lot of them through CraigsList, but I got tired of giving out our address to 20+ people who never showed up. Plus, said rocks are full of stupid walnut shells. Grr.


Here is a picture of our new patio set with new umbrella and base. Please ignore the dead grass. And the sad tree the P.O. decided to plant under a telephone wire.

Courtesy shot of the Colonel:


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