So we have a little problem on our hands. Our front stoop is made out of wood and about to collapse. Several of the boards are rotten (despite a rumor that it was rebuilt just two years ago) and the stairs tend to sag when you walk on them. Please don’t think we’re white trash.

The stairs look nice, but they are actually pure evil. Here is a pic of the current front stoop:


We can’t decide if we should just rebuild them as they are? The hedges are out of control, so they will get a serious hacking in the fall. I’m not sure we can wait until then before somebody falls down and sues us, potentially the mailman, who walks through our yard and has worn a path in our grass.

Should the stairs be wider? deeper? taller? More steps? fewer steps? Screw it and build a ramp? As you can tell I have no clue and this is going to be one of Andy’s projects.

Let’s just hope that in the meantime my foot doesn’t plunge through when I step out in the morning to go to work, and that I don’t stumble and break a limb.


3 responses to “Stoop

  1. wider steps with a deep stop stoop would look great. maybe some planters on the side when the ginormous bushes are gone.

  2. I think you know someone that you can call and ask about your steps!!!

  3. Andy remedied the stairs. For now. I will delve out into the swampy 110 degree heat tonight and snap a photo…

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