Gone and Back.

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. When I started this blog, I was really pumped and convinced myself I would post every day. Ha! Life gets in the way sometimes.

We have been out of town to Kansas City and Denver until this past weekend, and TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY, so needless to say, we haven’t been around.

The little Scottie dog was a champ on the 10 hour drive to and from Colorado. He is so cute. I took a video of him today and if I can figure out I’ll post it here soon. Unless life gets in the way again, I guess.

UPDATE: The grass seed I recently planted in the fenced in dog area mentioned earlier is now several inches tall due to a bout of rainy weather over the last week and a half. Though I doubt that I will have the desire to move the rest of the rocks in this 105-degree 80%-humidity crap we’re having, it would be nice to have it cleared out and grass growing before it starts to go dormant.

I’m really trying to do the green “pull weeds by hand” thing, but where in God’s name do these suckers keep coming from? I weed the yard by hand and the next day their offspring wave at me when I pick the newspaper up off the front stoop. Something must be done. I found this amazing weed killer/fertilizer that is 100% organic and made from corn. The fact that it was developed/studied/whatever at Iowa State is also impressive. Gotta represent. So I will be making this purchase soon. Now my neighbor will think I’ve fallen into the chemical fertilizer trap, but he will be wrong.

The next project I want to tackle (besides my abandoned wood stripping…) is the mold in the basement. This is more of an urgent matter, I feel. We have our dehumidifier running on high, but since a small flood incident after heavy rains in the spring, I think stuff is a-growin’ down there.

The previous owner so kindly put up wood paneling on two of the walls. I know for sure there is mold behind one because it is growing through the paneling. Again, I have no idea what to do about this other than bleach, so we’ll see how far we get. The idea of pulling down the wood paneling frightens me, because I have no idea what’s behind there. Tips are welcome.


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