Please don’t judge the lack of posting. I have had. No. Time. Argh… Anyway. Last week was superbusy at work, at home, and otherwise. Some odd things happened this weekend.

#1. After working 15 hours straight on Friday, I walked to a parking lot where my car was not parked, thinking I parked it there. I parked it in a ramp. Silly me.

#2. After I located my car and drove home, I took puppy outside at 12:15 am to find two college kids gettin’ frisky in my backyard. Pants were not on. A girl lost her shoes in my yard. So I threw them away. Serves them right. That’s what we get for living near a university I guess. Next time the cops will be called. I’m officially an old lady.

#3. When waiting for a car to pass in order to pull out of a parking lot Saturday night, said car hit a parked car. HOW DO YOU HIT A PARKED CAR?!? I think it also was the only car parked on the very wide street.

#4. Finally, now that it’s just about September, my RED bell peppers decided to start growing. I have about 5 mini green peppers. Maybe they will develop and turn red by Christmas. Argh.

I hope this week turns out a little more normal than above. I hope that while I’m at work, the weeds that have multiplied 700 times over decide to pull themselves. And the 9 million acorns decide to hop on over to the lawn bag instead of waiting around to roll under my feet and make me fall or break the mower. I hope the mold decides it hates our basement and moves to another house down the road. Maybe the house that had said college kids mentioned in item #2 above. I hope the P.O. decides to come back and fix all the crap he did to the house before he left.

Unlikely these things will happen, I will order the crazy corn gluten weed killer this week and spray bleach on the mold instead. If I get really motivated I’ll start stripping some wood again.

Pics of Colorado soon.


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