Oh my God, she wrote a blog.

I will make no excuses. I am a horrible blogger (to you three people out there that read this.) You know it, I know it. That is just how it is.

So, we haven’t done a TON of work since the last post, but I think we’ve accomplished a lot keeping in mind that we are two designers with no handy skills. At all.

I decided one day that I absolutely hated the gross “cabinet” in the bathroom. The doors were shutters, which makes me think the P.O. made it out of something left over. He was kind enough not to construct the cabinet with a back, so the the bathroom wall was nasty behind it from condensation (no bathroom vent/fan still). I ripped the sucker off the wall, and found that it was held up with not one, not two, but yes, three screws. Strange if you ask me.


I had to clean the wall and re-paint (some of the yellow crap is now showing through, so another coat will be in order). Then I left town and tasked Andy with hanging the cabinet. Only. He surprised me with this:


More photos here.


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