Dang. It’s been awhile…

…so I am a sucky blogger. I would say I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s true.

We had our realtors come and let us know what things we can do in the house to build equity and help the house appreciate. Our list includes things like: new furnace, new water heater, insulation in the entire house (attic, sidewalls, etc), pave driveway. You know, mostly expensive things. 🙂

Strange things that have happened today:

– I went to put air in my low tire. I put the puppy in the backseat so he could come along. No sooner than I pull up at my favorite air-filling station at the local gas station, than a homeless drunk man decides it’s time to rifle through the garbage can next to the air station. So I wait. Colonel barks. And I wait. I look over and – yep – he fell inside the trash can. Then the trash can fell over. Then he spent 10 minutes putting the lid back on. I waited 20 minutes until the coast was clear and I was able to get out and fill my tire. Which had 12 PSI of pressure at the time. Nice.

– There is an english muffin in our backyard. That we did not put there. Crows, I predict.

– Our neighbors decided that now that the weather is nice, what a great time it would be to actually remove the seats in their van and store them in the front lawn. Until further notice.

We tried getting our water heater installed yesterday. Turns out the one we have is hooked up illegally and it will cost a bajillion dollars to relocate the new one to where it will be safe and up to code. Nice.

What else? The scottie has had a haircut. He’s handsome.


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