hail then rain then snow.

that’s what it did this morning. I took puppy out for his morning yard trip, and no sooner than we got inside did it start hailing. then raining. then snowing. large claps of thunder scared the little guy, which led to an hour-long barking session. now he’s asleep on our green armchair. 🙂 he’s so funny sometimes.

yesterday, i almost got run over by a truck when crossing the street on my way to work. the truck was pulling up to a red light and thought it would just do a “pullup-nostop-turnright” move. however, i was in the way. i almost had to hit his hood he was so close. stupid large truck man.

right before i got off of work yesterday a cute couple came into the store and told me they were from out of town. they asked directions to another store and i obliged. the guy got out his iphone and told his girlfriend/fiance/wife that the store was only 10 blocks away. “no,” i told him “it’s more like 65 blocks away.” people are so funny when they rely on technology instead of people for directions. he also told me he was going to a well-known local restaurant, but really butchered the pronunciation of the name to me. i was glad to be the person he was mispronouncing it to, and kindly corrected him to save him future embarrassment. that’s when i felt like i did my good deed for the day.

our water heater will be installed two weeks from yesterday. i hope it’s worth it! i will post pictures of the beast soon. we got a furnace/ac estimate yesterday. well, the guy came at least. he said “you might want to replace this water heater soon, too.” thanks, sir. turns out in addition to the heating/cooling estimate i need to get a separate for asbestos removal. anyone know who i call for that? can’t wait!. 😉


2 responses to “hail then rain then snow.

  1. You have some pretty major projects going on! Good for you guys… let me know if you ever need a hand! I can move rocks and walnut shells (it’s a skill I have).

  2. I love your site!

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