green bags.

So, I’ve been wanting to purchase these ‘green bags’ I’ve been seeing on an infomercial lately. On my last trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, I noticed they had them. Yesterday I went and got them with one of the 3,000 20% off coupons they have sent me. Here’s what the box looks like:


I now have 10 large and 10 small bags. Apparently they let the ‘etylene gas’ that produce creates as it ages escape the bag and thus keeps your shizz fresher longer. I am excited about this as I’m trying to buy more produce, but then find myself scrambling to make the most dishes I can containing fresh ingredients before they go bad.

I am attempting to eat more produce in an effort to be healthy, but also to avoid buying too many things in packaging – to be more ‘green.’ There is one small snag with this plan and the green bags. The green bags say ‘reusable’ on the front cover, but the back says that each bag is only reusable 5-8 times. Apparently then they stop working and I am stuck with 10 bags that do nothing for my produce and could perhaps end up in a landfill. We’ll see how it goes.

Here is my before/Day 1 shot of my produce before they went into the bags today:


I also used a larger bag for a sack of potatoes we bought, even though the box didn’t specifically say potatoes could go in the bags. I wrote the date on the bags and also what I put into them, so we’ll see how the testing goes…


2 responses to “green bags.

  1. It won’t be a waste of packaging if you bring some with you to the grocery store and bag the produce with them there…. kind of like bringing your own grocery bags!

    They make little knit sacks for people to bring to the grocery for produce as a reuseable sack. So I don’t htink you’ll be too weird or anything bringing in your own bags.

  2. i was more sad that the bags lose their main feature an purpose after about 5 uses. sad.

    i have a few of the knit sacks already – and a ton of the envirosax.

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