a new camera?

Here is the story of our sad, sad, digital camera:

We moved into the house in the summer of 2006, and to our surprise found a fully working digital camera (AND the battery and charger!) in a drawer. The drawer had obviously been cleaned out, so we’re not quite sure why the guy left it here. It even had photos on it.

It’s an old model of the Canon Powershot S110 Digital Elph -only 3-4 megapixels, but fine for documenting our lives for the time. It’s very beat up looking, and it has been a great substitute for a fancy camera for the past two years.

The weekend of our engagement, it started to crap out. Now, every time I turn it on, the screen freaks out and the color is a magenta/blue/green combo – not true to life at all. So, it’s sadly time to replace our free gift.

I need to go to CostCo and stock up this week, and thought about looking at cameras there. To my surprise, I was able to browse their options online. They are all pretty good deals, so we’ll probably end up getting one there.

I was shocked to find that they have a recycling program for electronics where you can send in your old models of things and get a CostCo cash card back to help you buy a new model.

I went and typed in the specs on this model of camera. What did I get? An estimated value of $8. $8!!! And that is also subject to inspection. Once they find out the paint is flaking off that will quickly go down to $2. This made me very sad.

In an effort to ‘recycle’ the camera, I’m thinking of posting it on Craigstlist or freecycle in an ‘as is’ condition.

On a related note, I did the same thing for my iPod that I got for graduation college in 2004. It’s going for about $20 on eBay. 😦


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