I just killed a 5-inch long (no exaggerating here, folks) centipede that appeared on the wall of our kitchen. Eeeeeeeeek! I would have taken a photo, but time was put to the wayside as I rushed to find something to kill it with. Paper towels were out so I grabbed a newspaper and sprayed it with some bleach water. To no avail! It was on the wall above the furnace vent (where I think it came from – I hope?) crawling up toward our mug rack. All of the mugs are now set to be washed thankyouverymuch.

Bleach water = nothing to the centipede. I hit him 5-8 times with rolled up newspaper, then squished it with the newspaper. I then went to get the new roll of paper towels, came back, AND HE WAS CRAWLING UP THE WALL AGAIN. Sucker wouldn’t die. I had to spend another 5 long minutes spraying and squishing and finally he was a goner. So gross. Grossgrossgross.

After some wikipedia research, they are apparently good b/c they eat other bugs. No thank, you. Not in my kitchen, at least.


2 responses to “gross.

  1. Simple Green. I don’t know what it is about that stuff. It’s advertised as “non-toxic,” but spray it on giant cockroaches, the things slow down and die.

    I’ll wager it works, though not as fast, on centipedes.

    I think shrews eat centipedes. Ever thought of a pet shrew?

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