a good read

We are reading a book for a book club we’re in (kind of, we didn’t read the first one…). We’re reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

I’m only on page 16, but excited nonetheless. I think I prefer nonfiction as of late. The book, I’m told, chronicles a year of being a locavore – eating only things produced locally. Including dairy, meat, vegetables and the like. The book starts by the family uprooting from Tuscon and moving to Virginia in order to accomplish this.

Not that we are locavores, but we signed up for a program that will help us be partial locavores for the next 6 months. A local organization called The Homestead raises crops from May-Oct – locally in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. You can sign up to receive a full or half share (half share feeds 1-2 people per week). You get a box full of goodies once a week – vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit depending on the month and what is in fruition. It comes out to about $5-7 per week! Everything is produced locally, organically, and with out any nasty pesticides. I can’t wait to get our first box of goodies.

I think we eat pretty healthy as it is, but I am excited to see how this will take our diet to the next level, all while supporting a local organization and giving us healthier options for food. I’m even going to volunteer at the Homestead in order to slightly reduce the cost of our share. How neat is that?

The Homestead also employs primarily people with autism – giving them tasks to focus on and help them learn how to make things grow with care.


2 responses to “a good read

  1. Erin, that sounds awesome! What a great deal for you guys, the farmers, and the community!

    I love going to Iowa in the summer and seeing the vegetable stands and everything. Enjoy your fresh produce!

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