Spring Cleaning

I have a long list of ‘spring cleaning’ items going, and I feel like if I post it here, I will be more accountable and thus more likely to complete these tasks. As always, I like to include a few things I’ve done already so that I can cross them off the list. 🙂

Vacuum, dust, and wipe down all surfaces of main level
Vacuum, dust and wipe down front porch
– Clean all windows
– Vacuum, dust and wipe down all surfaces of upstairs (that one will be a bit nasty)
– Shop-vac basement, including spiderwebs and 5-inch long centipede monsters
Scrub kitchen floor and floor at rear entryway
– Dust and re-organize bedroom to make it not so cluttered
– Clean out closets and rid clothing I don’t wear anymore
– Reorganize hallway built-in and drawers
– Clean out refrigerator and clean all surfaces inside it
– Clean oven
– Clean microwave
– Wipe down all surfaces of bathroom
– Reorganize TV room closet so it’s not so jumbled
– Organize basement so things aren’t lying on the floor or in heaps

Rake and clean up garden, add compost, and plant some things
Rake dog run area
– Finish ridding dog run of rocks and landscape tarp, plant grass
– Re-build compost bin/heap
– Weed yard and spread grass seed
– Finish adding rock edging around deck
– Rid house foundation of collected leaves and debris
– Get rid of ugly hedges in front of house, plant pretty ones
– Clean out gutters, remove storm windows and put screens on (this is Andy’s task…)

Tomorrow, I will post the home-improvement list!


3 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hurray for spring cleaning! I love cleaning kicks; I feel so accomplished when things get clean. I think it’s starting to rub off on Andrew. Yesterday, he scrubbed out the kitchen sink, including the yucky drain area. Maybe I’ll get to cleaning off my desk today (that might not sound like a huge task, but, let me assure you: it is).

    P.S. Macy’s sucks.

  2. so, how’s that list coming?

  3. i think i can only cross two more things off. sad.

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