plantings and things

This morning, I put on my crazy pants and decided what a great time to transplant some of the out-of-control seedlings I started indoors. The newspaper said it’s supposed to get down below freezing again next week (yikes!), so I can’t put them in the ground yet. Sad. 

Trouble almost came my way when I left the lid on the seedlings too long and some little mold started to grow. That explained the odor on the front porch… I looked into it and they should be fine. And they are growing like weeds! Photos here

I recycled some of the tupperware containers we’ve been collecting over the past few years. I hear glass is better to store leftovers in, anyway, so I’m excited about this. 


The Green Bags I bought awhile ago seem to be pretty good. The spinach I had in one bag was good for 3 weeks with no wilting or sliminess – still crisp! Normally my spinach starts to slime after about a week. The tomatoes lasted that long as well. I would not recommend them for citrus, and they seemed to make our bell peppers a little squishy. Not sure if this was the bag or the product, as the bell pepper selection last time was not so good. 

We got our water heater installed. It took 4 hours and lots of banging on the floor below where I was sitting. The workers found a dead bird in some type of pipe/flue which is kind of strange. It was petrified. 

Colonel has been really bad about barking. He has access to two windows and gets to go on the front porch now. I would say his 3rd favorite thing is barking. Next to sleeping and eating. Not sure how to remedy this one…

That is all for now! This weekend is a big athletic event at the university near where we live. I’m hoping not to have to kick anyone out of my yard…


2 responses to “plantings and things

  1. Hurray for your green thumb! I’ve been considering planting a few flowers in pots out on the balcony. I seem to keep postponing this, though.

  2. Wow, very impressive. I’ve been thinking of throwing some sunflower seeds in the ditch outside of our house. So you’ve already got me beat.

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