don’t go to the hardware store on a saturday.

Today i was excited for a weekend off and planned way too many things. we got up at 6:30 to go garage sale-ing. i had to wear three shirts, a winter coat, a stocking cap and mittens. halfway through i stated that i should have worn my long underwear. i was not joking. the only really good thing we found were matching men’s and women’s vintage green schwinn bicycles. we got some newer schwinns for our birthdays last year, so we didn’t get them. they were pretty sweet, though.

i ran to the grocery store and came home and made black bean burgers from scratch for lunch. i am so domestic sometimes. then we decided that going to lowe’s was still a good idea. for some reason, if i spend longer than 15 minutes in a hardware store, i end up with that glazed-over overwhelmed look and it tends to last for hours. too many wheels turning planning too many projects, i presume. we got mulch, a broadcast spreader, organic lawn food, wire brushes (to scrape off the mold in the basement…), a shiny new bucket, mold spray that i presume won’t work, and some crazy fence things for the front yard. wow. no coincidence that we stopped at the liquor store immediately after.

i mowed the lawn when we got home – i saw someone mowing theirs on the way home so i decided it was time for us too. i got the back done and the mower ran out of gas. the neighbor came out and we discussed the lakes that were in our basements. i felt so much better knowing it wasn’t just us. ours is just about dried out now, but more rain is forecast for the next few days. once it dries out, i’m going to town with mold spray and the wire brush, so i can re-waterproof the walls.

then it was on to pulling weeds and raking up some stray leaves and ornamental grass clippings. i get crazy satisfaction by ripping out weeds and their roots by hand. now, i feel like a pollen colony is making babies in my sinus cavities. yikes. 

i am so glad after this tiring day that we’ve been invited over to a friend’s house – and we are being treated to homemade ravioli and homemade sorbet. all i have to do is bring a salad. done and done.


– colonel still has the barking problem. the mailman scared him today and andy came home right after, and i thought he was going to kill andy. advice for this, please.

– still water in the basement but i think it’s almost dry. think. can’t see behind the classy wood paneling that covers two walls. i think i’ll paint the wood paneling to make it look even classier.

– spring cleaning was postponed when the midwest decided to go back to the days of winter. when it’s cold i tend to ball up like a turtle with blankets from the minute i get home unitl it’s bedtime. i have a very active social life.

– i have decided it’s easier and cheaper to make my own sandwich bread. it’s soooo delicious. 

– tips for ripping out ugly overgrown hedges, anyone? volunteers? 

– i was reading up on summer squash and i think i planted mine too early. i will make it work in pots until it’s warm enough to put them in the ground is. problem is, they say to grow no more than 2 plants. more than that, and you’ll have squash out of your ears. i have 8 beautiful seedlings and i can’t bear to kill them. 😦



4 responses to “don’t go to the hardware store on a saturday.

  1. Sounds like someone’s heading back to Craig’s List! Just kidding. I bet some of your buddies will take a squash plant off your hands. Or, better yet, give it to Julie and say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

    Sorbet sounds really good right now. Mind you, it’s 4:53 in the morning. Still, it sounds mighty tasty.

  2. P.S. You need to blog and tell us about your wedding dress shopping experience! I’m excited to hear about the dresses you loved!

  3. seriously love your blog! you could have your own little section in a home and garden magazine. or maybe even your own home and garden magazine. it’s fun reading because we all have to start somewhere. growing seedlings that we hope will mature into real plants… washing windows and other house parts for the first time… etc.

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Reciprocate.

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