new everything

hi. long time no blog. we’ve been so busy lately with weekend trips, working, BBQs, and softball every sunday and monday. don’t worry – my batting average is .667. woot!

yesterday we got another home improvement estimate from a really nice dude. there is a company that has been in business nationally for 30+ years, and is ranked #47 out of 500 in the nation for home improvement contractors. pretty good in my book. they recently started offering a ‘green’ (although i hate that word) line of products. recycled blow-in insulation, recycled roofing shingles, VOC-free paint, etc. so, i called them as we need insulation and exterior painting.

the very nice gentleman arrived early and we showed him the attic, and where you can access the eaves to blow in the insulation. i mentioned to him that we have no attic vents, so perhaps he could include that also.

him: “you HAVE to have attic vents, i’m sure of it. otherwise, your walls would be rotting.”

me: “i’m pretty sure we don’t have any. at all.”

him: “sure you do.”

me: “OK.”

then we go downstairs and outside, so he can measure our house to see how much the exterior paint job would cost. i followed him out.

me: “so, please point out to me what the attic vents look like, if you think we actually have them.

him: “wow. you really don’t have any. that’s weird.”

me: “right. thanks.”

so, in addition to a new paint job and insulation, we also got an estimate for a new roof and a ridge vent that they place on the length of the peak of our house.

this makes 2-3 times where contractors come to our house and say: “wow, i’ve never seen that before.”

makes you feel real good.

i’m kind of excited b/c I think we can get all three of those things done this summer. woohoo! growing up, i never knew i’d be so excited about home improvements.

next up: an asbestos removal quote so i can turn in all of our paperwork to get our “free” new furnace, A/C, and perhaps a paved driveway. then i won’t have to mow it.


2 responses to “new everything

  1. Home improvement sounds too fun! Andrew and I are talking about taking a roadtrip sometime this fall to see Julie & Jason in Omaha and you & Andy in Des Moines. You can put us to work! Andrew’s pretty handy. As for me, I can help–I don’t know–move rocks or something.

    Will I be seeing you next month? I hope so!

  2. I,m A plaster contractor and is very hard to keep up with the stock price and the bad market!

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