This is a picture of me (pigtails) and my mom on her new land. She and her husand-to-be purchased 50 acres of land on the West side of Illinois. It is beautiful. I never thought I would be a farm girl, but all this reading about food and raising crops has me a little giddy about this. I am very excited at the thought of “going home to the farm” in years to come. They are planting on 50% of the land and also raise bees and make honey. Most of the land has clover and alfalfa (for the horse that will come later). They planted a large garden and also hops this year. Later, they hope to plant a lot of grapes and sell them to local wineries to produce wine with. Every fall they will plan to have a ‘harvest party’ and people will come and help pick the grapes. I hope that they raise their food organically…

I was talking with them about the CSA program that we signed up for, and my stepdad-to-be had never heard of such a thing. Wouldn’t it be great if they could start something similar in small-town Illinois?

An update on the CSA program: we were kicked out of our first choice for a farm! This is a good thing – they overbooked by 50%. While that was slightly irritating, in the grand scheme of things, that means more people are ‘getting it’ – that buying locally raised produce is better for you and your local economy. We were able to find another – One Step at a Time Gardens – and they gladly took us on. Now, the state is flooded with water, and the folks at that farm can’t get out of their farm! Their driveway and lane is covered in water, so we will have to wait for our very first delivery. It’s raining now and more is forecast for the next two days, so I doubt we’ll get that first delivery soon. Cross your fingers that too much damage isn’t done to their farm.

View more pictures of my mom’s farm here.


2 responses to “Farms

  1. yay for your mom. fun stuff. maybe you could have the roma reunion 2009 there………….. :o)

  2. Neat! What a fun/adventurous thing for your mom and her fiance to do! It looks absolutely beautiful, too.

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