Twice in one week! I should get a medal.

Probably the only reason you three readers out there are getting two blogs in one week is that I am home sick today. It’s only 9:45 am and I have already gone through one box of tissues and half a tube of chapstick. I have a blister in my throat and am starting to think I’m addict to chloraseptic spray.

We are watching two other puppies until Sunday and this makes me realize I am not ready for another dog and it will be some time before I’m ready for kids. My patience has been tried – but I think it’s largely because I don’t feel well and want everyone to be angels while I’m sick.

Already today, I have:

1. Cleaned up pee on wood floors and carpet
2. Cleaned up water/snot/lugee combo from Colonel
3. Listened to the puppies whine as they are in their kennels while I pretend I’m invisible to them
4. Broken up a humping
5. Taken away a rubber band that was being used in a game of tug-of-war
6. Taken three dogs out on leashes all at the same time – that must have been a treat for the neighbors

The good thing is all of their playing makes them exhausted by about 8pm. I’m tired and still pretending like the puppies can’t see me as I sit at the table writing this blog. Or hear me while I sneeze every two minutes. I will say the house will require a serious deep cleaning after they go on Sunday – partially because of the pee/snot/hair/dirt from three dogs – but also b/c the house needs it before winter comes. Can’t wait!


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